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Our Homes Hamilton Winter 2015/2016

At just over 3,300 square feet, the Pavones’ Stoney Creek creation is the result of two years searching for property, and another year-and-a- half of designs, permits, and labour. Marco and Julia oversaw it all, travelling back and forth from their previous home in Beamsville, upon which their new home is based.

Our Homes Niagara Fall 2015/2016

If one thing stands out about this house, it’s the location. Nestled on a curve in the Niagara River, this luxury bungalow offers a three-point view of waterfront and wildlife. Read more

Our Homes Niagara Spring 2016

There’s no mistaking Margaret Currie’s Scottish brogue. Yet when it comes to life at home in her Port Dalhousie bungalow, Currie takes her cues from the French. Read more

Our Homes Niagara Winter 2015/2016

Celebrating 100 years in business is a tremendous milestone. What’s the secret to Critelli’s longevity? We constantly look at the company and remake it to remain relevant to our valued clients and to prospective ones. We’ve done that by adding a line of high quality upholstered furniture for customers who want to buy at the… Read more »

Our Homes Niagara Summer 2016 Home Builder

Les McKean first set foot in a house built by Rinaldi Homes more than 20 years ago. As the owner of Don’s Light House Ltd., Les was there to help Jerry Rinaldi’s customers in Welland’s Cedar Park neighbourhood find lighting that fit their style and budget. Read more