At Amber Stairs & Railings, we take traditional stair building techniques and combine them with new CAD design technologies to create any stair imaginable. Whether you are a homeowner, designer, architect, or builder, Amber can help design stair systems for any project.

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Whether you are considering purchasing a pre-manufactured stair or having your dream staircase designed by one of our designers, Amber has the resources and know-how to create the perfect stair system for your product.

COVID-19 Update:

Based on the new guidelines for the operation of businesses during COVID-19, we are restricting access to our showroom unless an appointment has been scheduled.

We are open for contractors to pick up materials via curbside pickup.

If you have an appointment scheduled or something to pick up, please call our front desk upon arrival. Someone will be with you shortly. We can be reached at (905) 935-2590.

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